Primark Haul July 2013!

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Hope you’re all well and had a nice week! On Wednesday I went to Oxford street for a shopping trip! Everything is huge there and so exciting!
I went into Primark which is massive, and brought a few things, so I thought I would show you!

photo 3

photo 1

photo 1

photo 2

photo 2
Firstly I bought a very basic item which is this white straps vest top. It’s super stretchy and comfortable and I needed one of these because I wear it under my other clothes. It was only £2!

Next, I brought these super cute frilly socks (which you may have seen in Topshop) in Navy. They have cute little white lace frills on them too, and were only £1.50!

Then I bought these adorable Cath Kidston style print sneakers. They also remind me of Vans trainers (the structure of them) but for a fraction of the price-£6!! I found these in the kids section, and luckily there were some in my size 🙂

Lastly, my favourite purchase from Primark has to be this gorgeous cropped blue jumper. Now, if you read my ways to save up blog post, you would have known that I wanted a very similar jumper to this one from Topshop. But when I had enough money to buy that one, I tried it on and it didn’t look good. I was very disappointed. And then…I went to Primark and I saw this one! I was over the moon! The Primark and Topshop are practically identical-except the price tag. The Topshop one was £36, and the Primark was £10! Bargain! Honestly, I don’t think I could’ve been happier.
This jumper is in the colour Cobalt Blue (electric blue!).

What do you like from Primark? Are you a regular shopper for Primark? Comment!

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Kavi xoxo


21 thoughts on “Primark Haul July 2013!

  1. lrrraburns says:

    Ahh I miss Primark, everything is so cheap! I can’t wait to get back to London and hit it up. I had a pair of leggings from there that were like a fifth of the price of the ones I normally buy and lasted me twice as long, so good.

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