Cold Summer OOTD

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Hey! Hope you’re all ok?
Today has been a nice day- me and Flo (Candyflosszone) spent the day together-I did her nails and then we went into town for a Costa and relaxed there. It was lovely!
The weather has been a bit strange today-it has been raining heavily and also thundering, but then later, it was boiling hot and it felt like we were in a different country! Weird!
Anyway, today I’ll be showing you my OOTD (well actually for Sunday, because I really liked it) , as many of you seem to really like seeing these!

photo 5

photo 1 photo

Top: New Look
High waisted ‘Kristen’ Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Havanas Flip flops
Nails: Barry M ‘Mint Green’ with Barry M ‘Diamond Glitter’ on the accent finger

I absolutely love these jeans-they fit perfectly and the material is lovely and soft. They’re almost like jeggings! They have a sort of acid wash look to them, but not obvious at all.
My top was in the New Look sale last year, and I love it because it’s so casual but can be paired with almost anything!
My hair was in a half up half down sort of style, and the ends had naturally curled (curly being my hair type, it would). I actually didn’t mind how my hair looked then!
I like my flip flops because they have a slightly more grippy, sturdier feel to them, so I likey!
If you’re wondering about my bike, it’s actually my brothers- it’s a red BMX bike but it’s not so comfortable for girls.
And the adorable puppy is my friend India’s, who is called April! Just look at those eyes…
Anyway, hope you guys liked this post! Don’t forget to follow me and enter my giveaway!
Did you think this outfit worked? Let me know in the comments!
Lots of love,
Kavi xox


15 thoughts on “Cold Summer OOTD

  1. thetrickyniki says:

    Your hair is gorge! Is it natural or have you had it dyed? If you have had it dyed, could you tell me what products you used please?

    • Kavi says:

      Aww thank you! It’s all natural! Although, I have tried to lighten the ends by using a DIY that I made up, and I think it works quite effectively! Would you like me to do a DIY hair lightener or hair care routine?x

      • thetrickyniki says:

        Yeah a post on that would be great! And what do you mean by hair lightener – I mean do you use bleaching products?

      • Kavi says:

        Sure, I’ll do it soon! No, just natural ingredients that you would find in your kitchen! Check out my other DIYs to see what I mean if you like!

      • thetrickyniki says:

        Oh cool, I’m just a bit scared of using bleaching agents on my very very dark hair haha. I look forward to your post 🙂

  2. The Polka Dot Poppet says:

    Kavi, you can naturally lighten your hair with lemon juice. You just need to wet your hair with it and leave it to dry in the sun. I have not tried it but my friend has and it considerably lightened her hair. Tell me if it worked!
    The Polka Dot Poppet

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