Birthday OOTD! Skater skirt & Crop Top

Hi guys! So as some of you may have known, it was my birthday on Monday(1st July), and I had a great day! We went out for a birthday meal out, but also the day before we went rock climbing as a birthday treat! It was so much fun, I didn’t want it to end.

oooo ooo oo o necklace
So I loved my outfit that I wore on my birthday so I thought I’d show you all! My skirt was actually a birthday present, so I thought I’d wear it straight away!
Skater Skirt: New Look
Lace crop top: New Look
Necklace: Me to You
Shoes: Jack wills
I absolutely adore how well this outfit goes together! It’s stylish & on trend, but also comfortable and flattering! I will definitely wear this outfit again because it’s super cute and I think it suits me well!
Hope you guys liked this OOTD, click like if you did! And follow if you want, what’s the harm?!
Lots of love
Kavi xox

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