Gorgeous, Simple Gold Glitter Make Up Look!

Hey my lovelies! It’s my birthday tomorrow (1st July)!
Anyway, today’s post is a make up Tutorial. It’s such an easy make up look that literally anyone can do. I love it because the gold really brings out your true eye colour. Most of the products are affordable and easy to get hold of too.

photo 2  photo 1
1. Start off by priming your eyes. I used the Elf Eyelid Primer which is only $1/£1! I applied this across my eyelids then rubbed it in.
2. Next I applied an eyeshadow from the MUA ( Superdrug!) palette with an Elf professional eyeshadow brush. I believe this is shade 6, which is a gorgeous medal gold colour. It’s very very sparkly but incredibly pigmented. I’ve already done a review of this palette a while back, if you want to read it.
3. Then, using a normal eyeshadow applicator, I applied Shade 7 into the outer half of my eyelid. I first made a C shape and then softened it into a less obvious shape.
4. Next I blended the eyeshadow together using my Elf Professional crease brush.
5. Now I do my eyeliner. I use the L&B (Sainsbury’s!) one, which is actually great! I start with very little on my brush, then I draw a thin line close to my waterline and then I build it up.
6. Then I wing my eyeliner out slightly to create a false lash effect.
7. Once the eyeliner is dry, I apply my mascara. Lately I’ve been liking building up my mascaras with different ones. First I use L’oreal Voluminous lashes X5, and then I use the Clinique High Impact mascara to add length.
And that’s it! So gorgeous and simple! I love the look!
What’s your everyday eye products? What look do you like to create? I want to know!
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, like it if you did!
Lots of love,
Kavichick2000 xox


11 thoughts on “Gorgeous, Simple Gold Glitter Make Up Look!

    • zachandclem says:

      Use a cotton bud! I usually let water drip in the sink, and then swipe my cotton bud in one of the droplets that stay behind on the side surface of the sink. That way it doesn’t get soaked, but is wet enough to clean off any make-up slips.

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