My Favourite Lush Products Ever!

Hi everyone! Today I am going to be chatting to you about my all time favourite Lush products.

Now if you know me, you know that I am slightly majorly obsessed with Lush. As my mum says, I am slowly working my way through the whole store. And then I wonder where my money goes…

Anyway! Back to the post!!

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I’ll start with the famous bath bombs. So for my favourite smelling one, I’d have to say Twilight, because the smell is just divine. Honestly, for £3.20 you really can’t get better than this. The bath bomb slowly erodes turning the water a gorgeous pink and then there is a big ball of glitter in the middle which explodes at the end. It’s a very calming scent and really helped me to relax. Although, the glitter did seem to irritate my eczema prone skin. But I loved it all the same!

The next bath bomb that I really love is Butterball. Wow, what can I say about this?? It has cute little chunks of cocoa butter in it which melt onto your skin and moisturises really well. It smells sweet but not overpowering unlike many of the Lush products, and doesn’t irritate my skin much at all. I really think this product is great and recommend it to anyone!

Now my next favourites have to be their massage bars. My absolute favourite has to be Therapy but I also love the smell of Peace and also Each Peach(And twos a pair) smells lovely too. I just think these are so perfect for the winter time (or anytime!) and give you a rich pampering treat.

Next I’m going to talk about King Of Skin Body Butter. This hasn’t been talked about at all but it really does deserve it. You simply rub it onto your skin when it’s wet in the shower, then have another dip and you’re done! I’ve had so much use of mine and I still have it from December/January!

One must have product from Lush has to be Ocean Salt. I love it so much, I’ve done a review dedicated to it. You just need to own this.

The next product I love from Lush is their toner, Breath Of Fresh Air. I’ve had this product twice and it’s so great to use to freshen yourself up when you’re in stuffy conditions. I think it’s about £3.95, which is quite reasonable.

Another product I love is Celestial, which is one of their moisturisers. I’ve gone through three tubs of this. It’s sort of light but rich at the same time, if you get what I mean?? Anyway, it’s really great for sensitive skin types, which is me, and doesn’t irritate the skin either.

My next must have has to be Popcorn Lip scrub. I think Lush’s lip scrubs have had a lot of hype as they are edible, and obviously, being a sweetoholic, I had to love it.

I also adore Whipstick Lip balm, which although it is a bit pricey (£5.25) for what the size of it, if pays off and lasts a long time ( both on your shelf and lips).

My last love from lush has to be Vanillary solid Perfume. This smells heavenly and is easy to use not to mention long lasting. Big thumbs up to this Lush product!

There are loads of products I love from Lush, but these are my absolute favourites. I completely recommend them to anyone who loves or wants to love Lush! I hope you enjoyed reading and like this post if you did. Hit that follow button for a cyber hug! Lots of love kavichick2000 xox


12 thoughts on “My Favourite Lush Products Ever!

  1. emjee31 says:

    no matter how hard i try i just cant get over Snow Fairy Shower gel! every christmas or christmas in july i end up buying a pile of bottles just so i can get through to the next time its stocked! but its good to hear about some other tried and tested amazing products to use when my stockpile runs out!
    Lush is simply an addiction!

    • Kavi says:

      Aw yes I love the smell of snow fairy it’s very tempting! Although I use mine sparingly as a little can go a lonnng way!
      I hope you try out some new products that I recommend and I’m sure you’ll fall in love too! 🙂

      • emjee31 says:

        oh i use mine super sparingly! i put it in a tiny bottle in my shower so i think i have less than i do. & also so that my sisters think the same thing and don’t dare go near it!
        Im really interested in the massage bars, although i was a little cautious purely due to being a beauty therapist and knowing what i like, but now that ive heard good things about them, i think i might pick a few up next time in in there!

      • Kavi says:

        Aha that’s clever! 😉 Yes you should definitely! They smell lovely and are so rich and nourishing! A great treat! That’s so cool that you are a beauty therapist!

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