Rainbow Tag!

Hey people! Before I get started, I wanted to say sorry for not blogging- I’ve actually torn a ligament in my hand so it is hard to type but also I have been going to and from the hospital. Sorry, I hope you guys forgive me!
So today’s post is a tag, which I haven’t done in ages! I was tagged by my lovely friend Nicole, who’s blog you should definitely check out-
So I’m going to get started!

photo 3

I have this leave in conditioner which is from Herbal Essences. It’s made for Split ends and has a pretty floral raspberry kind of scent. I’ve had this for ages!


photo 5

For yellow I have this super cute little hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works, which I bought in New York. It’s in Vanilla Cupcake, and OMG, it smells divine! I love it so much!


photo 2

My green product is a basic but essential product for me-Simple Cleansing wipes. They effectively remove make up. What else can I say?!


photo 1

The blue product I have is a mascara, and it’s the much raved about Maybelline The Rocket mascara in Waterproof.


photo 4

Well this product only the tin is purple, but the actual product inside is bright pink! It’s the NYC Lip Sliders Tinted Lip balm in Sugar Kiss. Other than smelling gorgeous, it’s too sticky to be a must have for me.


My orange product is this lovely lipstain/lip crayon from Revlon, in the shade Rendezvous. My mum and myself are in love with this-it’s the perfect orange, slightly daring colour, great for summer as it’s a stain too. I’m sorry I don’t have a photo!

So that’s it really! I hope you liked that!
I tag:
Bliss with Beauty
Nail art and Beauty Diaries
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And you!
Like this post if you love summer! Follow if you like! It will make me smile šŸ˜€
Kavi xox

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