Quick, easy techniques to save up & earn something you really want!

Have you been eyeing something for ages but don’t have enough money for it? That new mascara? Or that gorgeous dress? I think we’ve all been there, when we just don’t have any money/enough for something that we really love! I’ll be sharing with you lots of techniques and tricks for three things: earning, saving and buying-all three to help you in the money world!
At the moment, I’m saving up for this lovely cropped jumper from topshop: want this so bad

Bright, isn’t it? Well I love it, and it will be perfect as it is colourful-great for summer, and also is its a thicker material, which will be great as who can rely on this British weather?? And this is £30
About three weeks ago, I had absolutely no money whatsoever. And now I have £17! I don’t have a job as I’m at school, and I don’t get pocket money. So I had to learn a few techniques, one called: saving.
I have a few easy techniques to save:
– When you earn money, store it away straight away in a cupboard which you don’t go into often. This way, you won’t be tempted to spend the money that you have earnt!
– Keep reminding yourself of that thing you really want, so when it comes to buying something else, you can say no. Have arguments with yourself-do you really need that? You already have that lipstick in the same shade just another brand! Be smart!
– Avoid going to sales if you can, unless there is something that is definitely there that you definitely want. Otherwise, you’ll just pick up bargains that you really don’t need and will barely wear.

How to earn some cash:
– Ever heard of a car boot sale? Now you have! Why not clear out all of your old stuff, and sell them at a car boot? One girls trash is another girls treasure! You can earn a lot if you have some things that are in good condition that people would like!
– Help out your parents! Make them aware of what you are doing, and they might offer you some money if you do a few jobs for them! For example, I have to do the shredding and I earn small amounts of money from that!
– If you are old enough and don’t already have a job, make posters/leaflets advertising yourself about what you can do. For teenagers, it might be babysitting or walking your neighbours dog. Whatever it is, it can earn you some money, so why not?
– Sell some of your valuable things on eBay! What a great way to earn money? So many people use eBay, and it’s online so you don’t need to go anywhere or do much to sell!

So now you know how to earn and save your money, now it’s time for actually buying:
– Try the thing you want on at least 4 days before you buy it. This way, you can ‘mull’ over it to see if you really like it or not.
-If its make up that you want, it’s well worth going out of the store and pulling out a mirror to see how it actually looks, as make up stores often have strange lighting which will make the product look completely different.
– If it’s something you will wear, name 3 occasions which you will be able to wear it to. And also name things that you can wear it with.
– Look in multiple stores. Say if you wanted a mascara in boots, have you looked in superdrug yet? You never know, they might have an offer on!
– If it’s an older/vintage item, or something you don’t mind being secondhand, check car boot sales and charity shops. This is a great tip I’ve learnt from my mum. Secondhand things just need a wash/wipe down and they can be as good as new! You’ll save so much money!

So that’s how to save, earn and buy wisely! Please try some of my tips out, you’ll definitely benefit! What are you saving up for??
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Lots of love,
kavichick2000 xox


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