Aztec Nail tutorial!

Hi Everyone!

I recently challenged myself with a new nail look inspired by my Aztec print leggings! I absolutely adore these leggings, and the print is also very ‘in’ at the moment! So it suddenly hit me that I should try and do an aztec nail design. Now, they make look hard to do, but considering this is my first go at it, I think I did quite well and I’m sure you’ll be able to as well! So let’s get started on how you do these cuties…



You’ll want to start off by applying a white nail polish onto all your nails.

Once fully dry, get a black nail polish and make sure there is barely any nail polish on the brush.

Then draw 2 very thin lines with equal spacing around each line, because in the spaces will be the aztec print.

So for the actual print, you could do little crisse crosses, zig zags, stripes, dots, dotted lines, what ever takes your fancy!Or look at some aztec print online for some inspiration to decide what prints you will do. Here’s one for inspiration:



Then once you’ve finished creating your design, seal with a topcoat and your done! Cool, trendy nails that everyone will love! Try it!

Thanks for reading everybody! I hope you’ll try it out! What do you want to read from me next? Comment down below! 

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Lots of Love,

Kavi xox

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