Spring OOTD- Pop of Colour!

Hello everyone! I’m back from the New York! I had a fantastic time, and I bought loads! I already took some photos of what I bought so the blog post will be up soon! I hope everybody’s had a lovely Easter/Spring Break!

Today I wanted to do an OOTD! This is my first one, and I thought why not, the suns shining and I like what I’m wearing so I thought I’d take some pictures outside and show you! Image


White vest: Primark

Coral Jumper: New Look

Black leggings: Matalan

Sneakers: Jack Wills

Geek style Glasses( you can see them briefly in 1st photo): Macy’s

I like this outfit because it’s casual & comfortable and it has a pop of colour which is nice for spring. The jumper is light but warm enough for me to go out in it without a coat. I love the colour of this jumper;coral and white. 

My sneakers are super cute and I feel they really bring a sense of spring to the outfit. I think they are quite a daring colour to pair with the jumper, but the plain black leggings help pull the outfit together. 

My glasses are cool and trendy, but I also feel it brings out a little individuality in my outfit. I love them so much!

That’s my outfit guys! I hope you liked it! What kind of outfits are you wearing this spring? What trends are you daring?

Special thank you to my brother, Xavier, who took all these photos for me!

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kavichick2000 xox




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