25 Facts About Me!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well! It seems like such a long time since I have blogged, reason being revision and dancing, and then I was busy at the weekend as well! Oh well, I am sorry but at least I’m back… For a bit! You see, next week I will be off to the US, and as much as I will try to put a blog post, it will be very difficult :/

Anyway, on with the post! I wanted to a fun post telling you some things about myself, so you could get to know me a bit more!


1, I have a lot of fragrances(majority of which are Impulse sprays!)-27!

2. I have lots of good, close friends. I do have best friends as well, but I like all my friends 🙂

3.I love baking and making deserts. My inspiration is from Lorraine Pascale and my mumma!

4. I like reading books. At the age of 2, I was past ABC books(pro!) I have probably read 500-600 books in my life so far.

5. In case you didn’t know, I love all things Beauty! But I don’t want to any job to do with beauty when I grow up!!

6. I can go really crazy at times, but also very serious and stressy too.

7. My worst subjects are Science & Wood Tech. My best are Drama, Art & English. I also like food tech(not currently doing) and Music too!

8. When I was little, me and my best friend wanted to be an actress, a singer, a dancer, our own hair, nail and make up artist & a fashion designer too. All in one. Unfortunately, at that age(7), we didn’t realise how low the sad reality of that happening was.

9. I love mustaches. Anything with a mustache on is mine!

10. I am a vegetarian. So is my family and one of My best friends, Flo.

11. I have a nut allergy, but I can eat Nutella. Ka-ching!

12. I think I am obsessed with lip balm. I apply it a good 25 times a day.

13. I am a Kinestetic and Visual learner.

14. I have a passion for drawing people. You spot so many details that you’ve never spotted before when you draw somebody.

15.I get easily bored. Mainly at school :/

16. When I was little, it was impossible for my mum to wash my hair. I used to go 2 weeks without washing my hair(I know, gross!). I was very stubborn, like a dog.

17. I love LUSH. You can probably tell already though! I love the smell and how it is natural, and not tested on animals.

18. I always make my family birthday cards homemade.

19. My first word was Mama! N’awwwww

20. I love brownies. The best I have ever tried are Anna’s(my lovely friend). They are the best brownies ever!

21. I am 5 foot 2.5. I am still growing!!

22. I have a bum chin. End of.

23. My favourite clothing brands are Primark, Topshop, New Look and Abercrombie & Fitch

24. I have had my ears repierced 3 times. They closed up 😦 One time, only one ear closed up!! Strange child…

25. I eat a lot of food but I don’t eat lots of junk food.. I love food!( I take after my mum!)

So I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about me! It seemed like a fun thing to do! So I did it! Please do it yourself, and link your blog post on it in the comments, so we can all see!

Thanks very much for reading!

Love you all,

kavichick2000 xox

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3 thoughts on “25 Facts About Me!

  1. funkyfebruarykid says:

    Hi Kavi,

    Wow I cannot believe you are off to the US next week!:) I hope you enjoy your holiday. Where abouts are you off to. Cannot wait to hear what happened!

    Take care.

    Lots of love x

  2. Nikolettax says:

    Hiya, did you get them? And what do you think? The last one’s a really dramatic look, it reminded me of the bright coloured Easter eggs 😀

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