Union Jack Nail Tutorial!

Hi everyone! 

My candy cane nail tutorial seemed to be quite popular, so I thought I would do another one!


I love Union Jacks, because they are such trendy statement nails and, they represent my country well! I love these nails so much, and they have been worn by many celebrities throughout summer and the Olympics too! They take a little time to get right, but once you do, they look so awesome! I also like wearing them when I go on holiday, because they catch a lot of attention.

So here’s what you do:

1. Apply a thin layer of base coat. This will stop the blue from staining your nails, which it does. 

2. Apply two coats of a bright blue. I like this one:

Image3. Next, using a white nail striper, paint a plus sign through the whole nail, quite thickly. Then draw one line through the centre of the plus sign. Wait until dry.

4.Using a red striper, paint the same design on top of the white, just a lot thinner. Once completed, your nails should look great!

5. Finally, seal your nails with a top coat, for glossier, longer lasting, chip free nails.

And that’s it! Statement nails that go with all skin tones and every outfit, and something that everyone can pull off!


I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! Please like, follow and comment for feedback and post requests!

Thanks for reading!

kavichick2000 xox


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