How to ACTUALLY get rid of spots!

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well, I unfortunately still have a cough 😦

Yesterday I went out to eat with Flo, and then we went to see Les Miserables! It was really good, but sometimes I was unsure of what was going on. Has anyone else seen it? What did you think of it? How has your week been so far?

My skin is really bad at the moment because of me being ill, so it is kind of uncontrollable. But, on a regular basis, my skin is usually pretty soft and clear, apart from a few occasional spots here and there. On behalf of many of you, I hate spots. I used to get really bad spots under my eye and on my T-zone etc, and I was desperately in need of an inexpensive remedy to cure them. I tried something so simple and so cheap, that anyone can get their hands on! Yay! Here’s my easy, overnight spot zapper:

SUDOCREM! Yes, you read it right, Sudocrem!

Not only does sudocrem magically zap spots away, but it also reduces redness, treats Eczema, and gently soothes skin. And the price is so cheap: £2! Wow!

Every night before I go to bed, I dab a tiny amount on my spots, any bumpy areas or any areas that look like they are going to break out in spots. The key is, to not rub it into your skin. You apply it like a mask. You may look like a freakish ghost, but hey ho, it’s all beauty beneficial!

By the time morning comes, the spots are either gone or barely there. The Sudocrem dries out your skin, so the spots will eventually flake off. I noticed so much difference, and all the tiny bumps and spots that I had on my face, were gone!


So will you try the remedy out? Will you try to banish those spots? You may even find one in your cabinets/bathroom already!

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Thanks for reading!

Love from

kavichick2000 xox

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6 thoughts on “How to ACTUALLY get rid of spots!

  1. funkyfebruarykid says:

    Hello Kavi,

    It’s a shame you are not well:( hope you get better. I can’t believe you didn’t know that Sudocrem is a man’s best friend!:)

    I use this all the time and not just for spots!

    Lots of love x

      • funkyfebruarykid says:

        Well Kavi I do use another spot zapper which is tea tree oil. This is really good for when you are going out in public. Just before you leave your home if you dab some tea tree oil on some of those spots it will sure do the trick during the day when you are out and about.

        Hope this helps.

        And did you know scientific research has found out that if you use your own morning wee on your spots it is 100% affective!

        Lots of love x

      • Kavi says:

        Ok! Thanks for the very helpful information 🙂 Love your blog by the way!
        And ewww! No offence, but that’s just gross! :S
        Kavi x

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