Nails Of The Day: MUA FUR Effects


Hi guys!

Today I was at home because I am ill 😦 As next week is half term, I decided to paint my nails. This perked me up a bit and made me do something other than sit on the sofa all day!

Recently I got the MUA FUR effects thing and I was so excited to try it! It’s basically a little pot of fluff that you dip your nails in to make them texturized and fluffy! 

I got mine in Fluff & Cuddles which is a dark pink shade with a hint of purple. The application is quite simple I guess; Paint two coats of polish onto your nails then dip into the fur. Hold your nail in the fur for 20 seconds. Using a kabuki brush, sweep off the excess fluff. Done!

The nail polish I paired it with is an fcuk polish(sorry I’m unsure of the shade!). The colour looks completely different in the bottle than it does on your nails, like all the other fcuk ones I have tried. It takes about three to four coats for it to become opaque, and to be clear of bumps. I really do NOT like this nail polish, and it has already started to chip a little 😦 Yeah, not good. the only thing I like about fcuk nail polishes is the bottle packaging. The colour always looks so pretty, and the mini little bottle is super cute. 

Overall, I liked the effect of the MUA Fur, and will be using it many more times! Have you tried out fur on your nails??

That’s all on my NOTD, but here are a few other things:

– It’s half term, which means a few more blog posts(yay!)

– The lovely SantaClauds(aka Claudia) gave me some cute samples to help me with my eczema!

– I was nominated for the Liebster Blog Award! The corresponding post will be up soon!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! Please like and follow if you haven’t done so already! 

Thank you for reading!

Lots of furry love,

kavichick2000 xox



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