DIY Eye Make Up remover!

Hello Beautie Cuties!

I hope you are all having a nice weekend! 

Today I wanted to share with you a DIY, that I have tried and love. It is an Eye make up remover. Before this, I used make up wipes and eye make up remover pads, but I didn’t realise that they weren’t doing any good to my eyes. 

Olive oil is a legend for beauty purposes. It also effectively removes your make up. I tried using this by itself to remove my make up, but it just resulted in blurry vision and oily eyes. Not good. But I knew it would be great with other ingredients for a make up remover. 

So I came up with this DIY, by combining ingredients together. If you want to know how to make your own eye make up remover, then keep reading.

You will need:

-Olive Oil

-Water, boiled

-Rose water(optional)

-Bottle/container suitable to hold liquids

First of all, divide the bottle into three parts(in your head). Fill one part up with water. Transfer to the kettle for boiling.

Once boiled, pour into the bottle. Be careful though.

The other two parts of the bottle should be filled up with olive oil. Fill up just below the top of the bottle. 

Lastly, add in a 5 drops of rose water. Like I said, this is optional, but it adds a nice smell and it’s also very gentle on your skin.

Now give the bottle a long, hard shake. Just keep shaking!

Now you are done! Make sure the Make up remover is fully cooled down before you use it.

When you use this, be sure to give it a good shake every time!

I spray my remover onto a cotton pad, one pad for each eye or until all the make up is removed. ImageI hope you guys enjoyed this little DIY! Will you try it out? Let me know!

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kavichick2000 xox



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