DIY Hot oil treatment (great for hair growth)

Hi everyone!

So here in England it’s STILL snowing. It has been all day. I guess I don’t mind, but I am just getting bored of it. Oh well, maybe school will be cancelled tomorrow *Yipee*

The post I am writing today is about how you can do a hot oil treatment at home, that also helps to grow your hair quicker and thicker. It has been requested how to do this as my hair has grown quite a lot recently, and I have been doing a few things to get it like it is.

So if you would like to learn my tips and tricks on how to do this simple treatment and other things, then keep reading.

1. Find a carrier oil. A lot of oils work, but here are a few I reccomend:

– Grapeseed oil. Smells pleasant, and it’s not too thick either.

-Extra Virgin Olive oil. If you didn’t know already, this is great for hair growth. Well, all of them are, but this is also great because it is easy to get your hands on.

-Pure Coconut oil. It smells a LOT nicer than the rest, but works just as effectively.

2. Warm a small amount of your oil up in a glass bowl. Just until it’s a nice, runny, and warm liquid.

3. Find an essential oil and add few drops into the bowl. Lavender works great!

4. Rub a bit into your hands, and then massage it into your scalp. Focus on the roots and scalp are, as this is where the hair grows and starts from. Massage your hair and scalp using circular motions, which helps to stimulate your scalp. Do this until all the hot oil has been used up, and your good to go!

5. Leave it in for at least 6 hours. I usually leave it in overnight, then wash it out in the morning. Be sure to put a towel or cloth on your pillow though, as it will become very oily.

6. Wash it out. I don’t think conditioner is a wise option, as your hair has already been moisturised, and the conditioner will just make it look greasy.

Repeat this once or twice a week, and you will definitely start to notice a difference!



^ It could be this long!^

I hope you enjoyed reading,

Lots of love,

Kavi xox

10 thoughts on “DIY Hot oil treatment (great for hair growth)

  1. ghalyaa says:

    Yay! someone else who is on the same page as me… I have a concoction of Coconut Oil & Castor Oil – it is believed that Castor Oil helps with growth, too! Just this morn I was massaging away… thanks for sharing! xo P.S. I also made my own Rosemary Oil… the only thing is that it may darken light hair which is prob not the results a blonde is looking for…

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