LUSH Ocean Salt facial scrub review!

First of all, it’s snowing!! Yayy! It’s getting quite heavy now though, but luckily we got sent home from school early so I am inside my warm house, where I am nice and cosy!

It looks really magical and pretty, I have taken a photo:


So, I was kind of stuck on what to do a post on, I wanted to do another How to: thing but I just did one so I decided to do a review of the much raved of LUSH Ocean Salt!

First of all, the packaging. I love the ‘Little black pot’ concept that LUSH has. And I always think how cool it is to see who has made the product, with the little stickers! It is so cute! 

When I opened the pot at home, I was amazed. It looked so gorgeous. It reminded me of the sea- there was a ray of blue and turquoise colours swirled together, with sprinkles of salt on top. Honestly, it was so pretty. Here is a photo:


It isn’t as beautiful in the photo, but you get what I mean about the colours.

I really started using this product after I came back from my holiday. I was constantly swimming in the pool which was sea water. It stung sooooooo badly, but I realised after a while, that it was just cleansing my skin and curing it. I have eczema, and the sea water really helped to heal it.  So when I came back, I really started using Ocean Salt. I wanted to keep cleansing my skin in the hope of getting rid of my eczema. It didn’t get rid of it, but it definitely made a difference to my skin.

It smells like the seaside, and it’s not too rough on your skin either. It exfoliates your skin properly, and leaves you with a sea side scent. 

Overall, I love this product. I use it all over my body and face. I will certainly be repurchasing this soon, as I have very nearly run out (I think my mum has been using it too)!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little review! Please like and follow me! Thanks for reading!




2 thoughts on “LUSH Ocean Salt facial scrub review!

  1. ghalyaa says:

    looooove this, too! I use it at home, however, did not think it was suitable for my face… so, thank you for sharing… I will try it for my face later… xo

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