How to: Heatless big + bouncy waves

Hi there everyone!

Do you want those big curls/waves you have always dreamed of?  Taylor Swift always has lovely hair, and she is often seen with big waves in her hair. She is so daring with her hairstyles, and here is the one that I love and is achievable with no heat:

taylor swift

So here is how to do it:

1. Wash your hair. This hairstyle is only successful when you have wet hair.

2. Comb through your hair. Get rid of all the tangles. Be gentle though; you don’t want to pull out your hair.

tangled hair

3. I put leave in conditioner in my hair, to make it smoother and glossier. This step is optional though, so don’t feel the need to.

4. Divide your hair into two equal sections. So one half on each side of your head.

5. Using a french plaiting technique, tightly plait each section down to the very bottom. Secure with a hairband. Repeat on the other side. It should look similar to this:

french plaits

6. Next, using a small pump of hair serum or Moroccan oil, apply over your hair. When you take the braids out, they will look so much shinier and even more gorgeous!

7. Leave the braids in for at least 4 hours. I like to sleep on them or if I am not doing anything in the day then I will leave my hair like that.

8. Take them out. The results are so worth it. It takes very little time to do, but the outcome looks like you have spent ages on curling your hair.

Ta Da!


kavichick2000 xo

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