Vaseline 101! Tips and tricks! What you didn’t know but do now!

Hello everyone!

Have you heard many things about vaseline? Maybe things that could help but then you find that someone else says that it is really bad for you? And then you just ignore the trick or idea and get on with your life? Well, I think we can all agree that we have heard many mixed opinions about Vaseline or petroleum Jelly, but we don’t know what to believe. That’s why today I will be giving you the 101 on Vaseline so you can know for real. Here is a list of all the endless things you can do with vaseline, but first, your worries and concerns:

Will Vaseline clog up my pores?

No. All it does is act as a barrier of oil on your skin. Even if you leave it overnight and you find that it “sinks in”, it definitely won’t clog up your pores.

If I put Vaseline on, won’t my skin look oily?

To be fair, this is true. But who said you need to put it all over your face? Concentrate on the drier areas of skin instead and it won’t look very oily.

List of things Vaseline can do:

1. Apply as a lip balm. After 10 minutes, use a wash cloth and scrub your lips. This will remove dead skin.

2. Use as a make up remover. Just spread it over your make up, and use a tissue to wipe it off. If you are in need of a new make up remover, this could save you so much money and it is just as effective!

3. Apply over your eyelashes. Before bed, coat your lashes with some, and apply it as if it was mascara. This will really help to not only strengthen your lashes, but make them grow too. But please, only do it before you go to bed, as when your eyes are open it can sink into your eyeballs and make them greasy.

4. Use it as an exfoliater. Just mix some with sea salt and then scrub over your body. Now you will have removed dead skin and moisturised too.

5. Apply over your hands for a quick moisture boost.

6. Slick some over your eyebrows. This will help to position them and keep them in place.

7. Apply around your hair before you dye it. Although I havent tried it, I know that it works. It will stop your hair dye from leaking onto your face.

8. Rub some into your nails and cuticles. This will  help to keep your cuticles strong.

9. Use as a glue. For Halloween make up it works great. For example, I put tissue on my face to create scabs, and the vaseline helped it stick.

10. Draw a design on your arm with vaseline, and cover with glitter. This will act as a temporary tatoo.

11. Use to make your own make up. I have some DIY’s on my blog which use vaseline, but there as so many different ones as well.

So that was my little vaseline 101, I know there wasnt that many, but I couldn’t think of that many from the top of my head. If you have any that i havent said, then please tell me as I would love to know.

Thanks for reading,



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