Hello everyone! So sorry that I havent wrote in a while- I have been so so busy, but I made myself promise that I would stay committed to writing to my blog, because thats what its all about! So anyway, updates! For NaNoWriMo, my current word count is 5407! My friend Katie, who is also a blogger ( see her link down at the end of the page), is doing it too, and her word count is 17000! Just want to say that she has done amazingly well, and stayed on top of it too! And I also got my ears pierced too! Also, I have been very busy with everything at school and homework etc. So…. Yeah! Anyway, this post was a requested by Katie, another DIY post! So this is DIY Cream Blusher!

You will need:

1 tsp of Vaseline. This will make it creamy.

As much blusher ( in powder form) as you like. If you want it to be more blush than vaseline, then half the amount of vaseline you use, and double the blush amount. This will be the colour of your blush.

A pink or White eyeshadow pigment. This will brighten your cheeks.

Any cream. The more cream you add the more moussey it will become. You dont even have to add it in.

First, put the vaseline in a cup and mix so it is creamier and then it will mix easier. Next, scarpe in some of the blush with a spatula or what ever you are mixing it with. Then, add in you eye pigment and cream. Mix everything thouroughly until you are happy with the colour and creaminess. Either put that in your container or tub and then mix, or put in then use a hairdryer to melt it. This will also make the appearance look better. Wait until its dry then you can use it!

Also perfect as a gifet idea too!

Hope you enjoyed! Follow and comment for requests and feedback! Email too!

kavichick2000 xoxo

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