Hey everyone! Today I am doing a DIY for you all, and this is a BB cream! I love BB cream, but to be honest, because I’m always on a budget, I can’t afford it! This is a really great product as its not as heavy as foundation, but moisturising, prevents sun burn (contains SPF) and also hides spots up easily! If you want to know how to create your very own BB cream, keep reading!

First, take some of your foundation, and put a big squirt into a cup. Next, add in some of your favourite moisturiser. Using a spatula or spoon, scrape some matte powder or face powder in so it will last you all day. Mix all the ingredients in. Then, take some sun cream or whitening sun cream which will make your face look brighter, and mix that in. Finally, add in some concealer. Mix well and transfer into container. If you would like to make yours a bit different, try these- add in some witch hazel, which will make your BB Cream medicated. Or, add in some of your favourite bronzer, which will make you look a bit more tanned. Twa Da! Your BB Cream is done!

Here are some of the products I recommend and use. They are also reasonably priced:

Simple light moisturiser, £2:

Natural collection foundation, £1.99 or any cheap foundation!

Rimmel Stay Matte powder, £3.99:

collection 2000 cover up stick:

Suncream is optional but it adds sun protection which is brilliant! My suncream also makes me look dewy and glowing!


Kavi xox


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